It's not summer without man's best friend!

If your dog loves to go out on walks (which is the case with every dog I have ever met), your pup is going to love soaking up the summer sun at these Western New York beaches.

Sure, a beach is a public place, and you would probably be fine bringing your dog to any local beach in Western New York, but there are some beaches that dog owners prefer over others.

According to a recent thread on Reddit, there are 8 beaches that dog owners in Western New York love to take their dog in the summer.

8 Beaches To Take Your Dog This Summer

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Not every "beach" listed is a beach like you may have imagined it, but they are all dog-friendly and perfect for walking your dog in the summer! Dog Island in Tonawanda, for example, is more similar to a park than it may be to a beach. However, lots of dogs run around there, which may also deter you from going, depending on what kind of atmosphere your dog prefers.

At Dog Island, you may find some dogs that are off the leash, which is fine with some dog owners.

However, if you are looking for a place that allows for more of a "controlled" space, one of the other options may be better, like Wilkeson Pointe or Eighteenmile Creek.

Don't forget to bring some doggy bags when you take your dog touring around some of the best beaches in Buffalo!

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