Ever since I was young and would go to the Tops Friendly Market on Transit and French, I noticed something strange.

It seemed to me that every Tops' Plaza had the same stores in it. There was always a Chinese restaurant and a Dollar Tree.

My theory was that the EVERY Tops plaza in Buffalo was built the same way....well I guess I was WRONG!!

Tons of people let me know via the Mix 96 Facebook page that there are several Tops in Western New York that don't have those stores in their plaza.

Check out some of the comments that were posted:

Tommy Hosie Elmwood Ave only has a Dollar Store, Grant Street has neither

Allison Jackson There is a tops in west seneca off slade rd only has a kmart next to it

Stephanie Dawn Gozdziak Tops in dunkirk has a petsmart and a Mexican restauraunt

Chris Bera Eckstrom Tops in Fredonia, has neither

Pamela Galoppo The one in Grand Island has a Dollar Store but no chinese. (They do have pizza in the plaza though!)

Check out all the Tops that dont' fit my theory!

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