If you take advantage of the Elmwood village farmer's market you may have walked by it.  Tucked away on the corner of Lexington and Ashland Avenue.

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It's called "The Farm Shop."  You feel like your walking into a small dairy market in the south of France.  The space is small and all of the goods are beautifully packaged, and made from local farming merchants, mostly dairy.

Everything is fresh from the farm or from the oven-yum!

These are pictures my daughter, Joelle and I took this morning.  Can you almost smell the Quiche pie here?  Might make for a great Dad's day gift.

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Only open three days a week: Thursdays 3pm-7pm, Fridays 12pm-6pm and then Saturdays, 8am-5pm

For me it the extra high fat creamy yogurts, noticed today that some of the yogurts and oils are even mixed with CBD.

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But, either way it is such a lovely little shop, the smells, the quaint packages of goods and the lovely hosts are worth the visit.

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