Do you know what are the things recommended to be cleaned EVERY day? Any guesses?

Good Housekeeping has given us a list of the items, that will make your weekly cleaning easier as well as cutting down on harmful germs and bacteria:

  1. Hand Towels and Small Bathroom Towels - get dirty faster because they are used more often.
  2. Coffee Makers - if not cleaned regularly are a hotbed for bacteria and mold.
  3. Kitchen Counters and Sinks - think about all the things that are placed on counter tops everyday...keys. purses, raw meat etc.
  4. Shower Walls - to cut down on mildew.
  5. Kitchen Floors - sweeping up crumbs, and cleaning after dropping food items keeps bugs away, and makes for a healthier environment.

Good Housekeeping has a few more suggestions here.


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