Have you told your family embarrassing or funny stories that have later come back to haunt you? Again and again?  Some of these stories may be funny at the time when told to family members, but maybe not as funny when brought up in mixed company or at a party or gathering.

  • There was a time in high school when a student (could have been me) was locked in a locker in-between periods (when no one was supposed to be out of class). When a priest (this was a catholic school) came by to discipline the boys in the hallway, a disembodied voice would say "rude things" to the Reverend as he was walking away.  Eventually I ( I mean that person) was let out of the locker. All three individuals were given a slap on the wrist.
  • One time when I was the Program Director of a radio station handling music I came across a new release by Donny Osmond called "Soldier of Love".  At lunch in the office cafe I was discussing the song with other staff members asking them when Donnie would be too old to be called Donnie and become Donald Osmond or some variation of that.  When I returned from lunch our receptionist told me Donny Osmond was on the phone for me.  Having just returned from the lunch I just described I thought someone was pranking me.  I answered the phone singing "I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock and roll" (Lol).  On the phone...The REAL Donny Osmond.

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