You might be interested in knowing that even though disc-jockeys make their living using their voices, not all are thrilled with the sound of their voice, but rather "get used to it".  Evidently though a ton of people HATE listening to recordings of themselves.

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A large group of Americans were recently asked how comfortable they are hearing a recording of their own voice.  And over 4 out of 10 of us DON'T like it..

But 27% of us said the sound of our own voice makes us "somewhat uncomfortable" . . . and 16% of us HATE the sound of our own voice.

Women were much more likely to say they hate it than men.

But if you're young and don't like your voice, you might age out of it.

People over the age of 55 were 50% less likely to say they hate the sound of their voice than people between 18 and 24.

Do you think that's because those of us over 55 can't hear as well (ahem).


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