The battle between Spectrum and Disney has gotten even more intense as the NFL season kicked off this week.

Spectrum has pulled all the Disney owned channels from its platform including ESPN, which leaves many NFL fans in a lurch as the first Monday Night Football of the year is just a day away.

The good news is that you still have several other ways to watch ESPN. There are several streaming platforms that you can get access to watch Monday Night Football. They include Hulu + Live TV, DIRECTV stream, FuboTV, YouTubeTV, and Vidgo.

Also if you live in Western New York or in Southern Ontario, the local ABC affiliate WKBW Channel 7 announced they will be airing the Buffalo Bills New York Jet game live. You can get an over-the-air antenna to pick up the broadcast signal.

Several governors across the country came out on Friday urging both sides to work out a deal. New York State Governor Kathy Hochul urged Charter Spectrum and The Walt Disney Co. to “resolve this dispute as soon as possible,”

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She also authorized New York’s Department of Public Service to secure refunds for New York State residents who have been impacted by the impasse. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Governor Hochul says customers should get what they paid for.

“It’s simple: if you pay your cable bill, you deserve to get the services you pay for,” Hochul said in a statement Friday. “An ongoing corporate dispute is forcing customers to miss some of the highest profile televised events of the year – the least these companies can do is provide a refund. Disney and Charter must continue negotiating in good faith to ensure affordability and consumer choice. I also urge Disney to continue providing its programming under the terms of the prior agreement while negotiations continue.”

Spectrum pulled Disney owned stations from its platform on Labor Day weekend and the two sides negotiated a new deal.

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