Netflix is streaming another new murder mystery documentary out and if you pay attention, you might recognize the face of one of our own news anchors in it.

It's called "Murder Among The Mormons."  The series is only 3 episodes long and it follows a man named Mark Hofmann who was a forger and a convicted murderer.  If you love murder mystery types of stories, you might want to check this one out about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Another reason you might want to give it a try is that if you look real hard and pay attention real close, you might see a very familiar face and hear a very familiar voice in one scene.

Does the face above look familiar to you?

It should if you've watched WKBW (channel 7) any time over the last couple years.  That is the face of one of our very own news anchors - Keith Radford.

When asked on Twitter if he was in Utah before his tenure at WKBW, he responded, "Haha! I was."

Now we've got a second one of our Buffalo news anchors on Netflix. I always thought it was really cool that another one of our former anchors, John Beard was a recurring character who played himself as a news anchor on the show Arrested Development for 24 seasons.

I haven't watched "Murder Among The Mormons" yet.  But hey, maybe I'll check it out this weekend...even if it's just to keep an eye out for Keith Radford.


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