There was a darker, less modern time in our society in which we only had access to the goodness that is a Deep Fried Oreo during county fair time.

Now, at Walmart, every day can feel like Day 4 of the Erie County Fair -- where you're early enough into your eating adventure to not really care about things like calories, or carbs, or an imminent 12lb. weight gain.

The State Fair Cookie appears on the surface (of the box) to look just like the ones you remember -- probably staining your shirt or the lap of your pants in late August, as you catch a waft of "earthy" smelling air from the nearby pig-races.

Mental Floss reminds us of the illustrious history of this deep friend treat, "Making Oreos even more decadent and nutritionally bankrupt originated with “Chicken” Charlie Boghosian, a deep-fry specialist at county fairs in California. Boghosian submerged everything he could find in the fryer: pickles, frog legs, White Castle hamburgers, s’mores, and Twinkies. When the latter proved especially popular, he decided to experiment further, eventually dipping frozen Oreos in pancake batter, drowning them in hot oil, and finishing with chocolate syrup and powdered sugar."

The State Fair Oreo Cookie is available at Walmarts, in the frozen aisle.

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