So yesterday ended a lot of the anticipation that I had for the Buffalo Bills through out the draft, OTAs, and training camp.

Even though the Bills lost to the Carolina Panthers 28-23, I learned a lot about the team and what we can expect for the upcoming season. Here is my take away from the game last night!

1. Wow...Fans have a hunger for a strong armed QB like Jim Kelly!  Rookie Josh Allen was the talk of the draft when unleashed bomb after downfield bomb. The Bills wasted no time getting fans a look at Allen's arm and the crowd went wild! (Even though it floated out of bounds)


[Highlight] Josh Allen's first NFL pass is a 55-yard bomb caught out of bounds from r/nfl


2. The Defense looks stout....again. Even without Kyle Willams who had the night off the 1st team defense looked good against Carolina. With a new set of QB's, we will once again need the Bills D to step up and play tough every game!

3. Bills Fans are the GREATEST! 1st preseason game of the year, on a Thursday and the fans, were going crazy. The crowd erupted when Josh Allen came on to the field to start the 2nd half of the game. It was even louder when his 1st pass sailed 55 yards in the air! Win or Lose, The #billsmafia is here to stay and to be LOUD!

Looking forward to seeing the progress in game #2 on 8/17 against the Cleveland Browns!


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