I was invited to CMAC to review the show for The Dave Matthews Band and let me tell you all about it!



Check in was relatively easy. I got there early and found people were, of course, tailgating. This sort of came as a surprise to me because it was on a Tuesday night and ya know, people work. Maybe? LOL. I received my credentials and headed right to the stage.

I was told that the show was going to start later than expected. (This is also the first time I have ever seen The Dave Matthews Band.) Normally, I would think there was an opener and then the band comes on around 9:30 ish. Well. Tim Reynolds who is a Grammy nominated instrumentalist came on with Dave Matthews right at 8 p.m.



I was surprised by this as I thought that Dave Matthews would come on much later. The show didn't disappoint. It was weird to just see stools, guitars, pedals and tons of chords on stage. There weren't any flashy lights or a fancy back drop. Just two guys playing music. I could appreciate this.


People of all ages were there. I was talking to a Mom who brought her 6 year old and it was her first show. The six year old was super excited! They both are huge Dave Matthews fans. It was awesome to see the dynamics in generations.



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