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Dating Apps Experience Increased Usage During Social Distancing

Dating app Bumble reported an increase in general traffic on their app but also that people are using voice chatting and video features and staying on the call longer amid new social distancing measures, averaging 15 minutes. In areas heavily impacted by COVID-19, like New York City and Seattle, the app has recorded a jump in messaging activities. (via TMZ)

Large Parties Still Commence Globally Despite Government Recommendations To Stay Home

Even with the pressing situation worldwide concerning the dangerous spread of the coronavirus, young people have been throwing "corona parties" around the globe, including in Florida, Australia, Germany and France.

Down in Florida, footage of spring-breakers continuing their partying has gone viral and made it necessary for the governor to shut down the state's beaches and bars. Other officials around the world have commented on the shocking behavior of Gen Z. (via Baller Alert)

Tekashi 6ix9ine Pleads for Freedom From Prison Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

The rapper, who has only a few months left on his 24-month sentence, has reportedly been desperately trying to get out of prison because of fears of contracting a deadly case of COVID-19. Since the rapper has asthma, getting COVID-19 could pose a more serious threat. His attorney also shared that Tekashi was hospitalized for treatment of bronchitis and sinusitis late last year. (via TMZ)

NYC Health Recommends Safe Sex Practices Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Maybe it was a question many have been too embarrassed to ask, but is sex still okay during the coronavirus outbreak? The NYC Health Department has answered with a very detailed list of recommendations for staying safe and coronavirus-free when having sex with a partner. (via TMZ)

What Bad Dating Habits Do You Have Because of Your Zodiac Sign?

Dating comes with its challenges but for every zodiac sign there is a different bad dating decision that each sign is prone to. Everything from ghosting to sending that cringe-inducing fourth text is a signature habit for each of the signs. Check out all the habits for yourself via Cosmopolitan.

Netflix Recommendations for Your Social Distancing Binges

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