Just a few hours from Buffalo, a Rochester teen decided to approach Prom, a bit differently.  Dateless, this teen created a half-suit, half-dress outfit, and took himself.

Group Of Teenage Friends Dressed For Prom
Catherine Yeulet

Yahoo Lifestyle reports, "Wyatt Cheatle, a 16-year-old student at Brighton High School in Rochester, N.Y. didn’t have a date for his Saturday prom at St. John Fisher College

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“He wanted to go, but he didn’t know who to ask,” mom Kelly Cheatle tells, “There’s so much emphasis on promposals, but if we get sucked into keeping up appearances, we miss out on life...Over dinner with his mom and three siblings, One of my kids jokingly suggested that Wyatt wear a dress because he wouldn’t look ‘half bad,’” says Kelly. “That’s where it started.”

It seemed the outfit took some time,

Mother and son spent several hours cutting the dress in half, adding a button placket to the pink blouse, and up-cycling the bottom of the skirt. A friend came over to apply makeup to one side of Wyatt’s face: A black cat-eye and hot pink lipstick. “We didn’t use mascara because he already has lashes for days,” Kelly tells

Wyatt said that he had fun at the prom and friends gave him 'high-fives' because they didn't think he would actually do it.

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