Cynthia who played Miranda on Sex And The City is officially running for Governor Of New York.


Move over Governor Andrew Cuomo, Cynthia Nixon claimed that she is running for Governor of New York. Cynthia announced on Twitter that she is officially running for Governor of New York.

Cuomo is running again for his third term and his confident in his abilities. Both candidates are considered Democrats. She's also campaigning for healthcare, ending mass incarceration, and to, quote, "make government to work again."  Several other candidates have declared.  The primaries will be held on September 11th, and the election is on November 6th. Cythnia is extremely passionate about fixing the NYC subway system. She takes the NYC subway everyday and is determined to make it right. Cythnia, who has been in all six seasons of Sex And The City, and who has made appearances on Broadway, stated that she is putting her acting career on hold for politics.

You can check out Cynthia's campaign video below.

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