Sometimes, it feels like the older we get, the more we encounter people (or feel ourselves) that have become cynical about all things having to do with “love” and “romance.” 

Well, if you or someone you know feels that way, here's a story that could potentially melt your cold, dead heart. 

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Falling for the boy or girl next door; complete opposites who hate each other at the start but soon realize they have more in common; good friends who turn out to be more than friends…all of these are stereotypical scenarios in your standard Hollywood rom-com movie– easily digestible, but not always relatable. 

But what’s one romantic scenario that likely each and every one of us can identify with? Easy. 

“The one that got away.” 

It may have been someone from the past you never shared your true feelings for, or maybe a sweet encounter with a stranger you never pursued. We think it’s safe to say that everyone can think of at least one “what-if” scenario they’ve encountered in their life. 

That’s why we think it’s so great that one woman from Upstate New York had the courage to put herself out there to try and find her “one that got away.”

Girl Seeking “Cute Guy From Plane” After Flight From Albany To Chicago

An anonymous poster to reddit recently explained an encounter she had on a United Airlines flight from Albany, New York to Chicago, Illinois on May 23rd. 

I was originally supposed to connect in a different city, but my flight got delayed and I needed to change flights to make my connection on time. My new flight (i.e., the one to Chicago) was already fully boarded by the time I got to the gate, so I was a bit flustered when I finally arrived at my seat. I sat down next to you and you said something about how we were sitting in first class. I initially thought you were serious because there was so much leg room lol, but you were just joking. I was too shy to say anything the rest of the flight and ended up just reading my book and listening to music.”

Oh no!

Thankfully for all of us, she made the ultimate amazing move and put herself out there, asking the internet for help finding this, as she describes him, “cute guy from the plane.”

To the cute guy from the plane (Albany to Chicago, 5/23/2024)
byu/GirlFromThePlane inAlbany

Internet Frantically Seeking “Cute Guy On The Plane” In New York State

The Albany subreddit blew up with comments, both trying to help her, gathering more specific details such as what she looks like and was wearing (brown curly hair, glasses, and a white mask), what flight she was on (UA1719), and general bouts of encouragement. 

Comment byu/GirlFromThePlane from discussion inAlbany

I mean, come on. How adorable is this?

byu/GirlFromThePlane from discussion

We applaud you, Girl From The Plane! More people should be like you. 

We’re putting this out there in the hopes that you find your cute guy-- and truth be told, even if you don’t, you gave so much happiness to anyone that saw your post due to your bravery. Thanks for inspiring so many in Upstate New York to seek their “one that got away” with no regrets. 

Now let’s go out and find “cute guy from the plane” for her!

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