The Buffalo Bills are headed back to Sunday Night Football this weekend and Bills Mafia is ready to have their weekend ruined once again this weekend by Cris Collinsworth.

Before the game even begins, many TVs in Western New York will have the volume turned all the way down because of Cris Collinsworth.

The Bills Mafia has hated Collinsworth ever since he commended a Kansas City Chiefs player who was trying to hurt Josh Allen during a broadcast.

On top of that Collinsworth always seems to bring up Patrick Mahomes when he is broadcasting a Bills game and mention how great he is.

Now, if Cris Collinsworth was the home broadcaster for the Kansas City Chiefs, I get where you want him to be biased towards the team and give you only the positives and openly root for the team on the air, but Collinsworth is supposed to be a natural person giving you insight into the game.

Saying that a dirty play with intent to injure someone is a "Good" play is just outright dumb and for me, Collinsworth lost a lot of credibility that night.

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So if you really want to enjoy the game, you best mute the TV and listen to old Van Miller calls from the 1990s Super Bowl runs.

Check out some photos from the last time Collinsworth called a Bills game.

Bills/Giants Game

The Buffalo Bills beat the NY Giants 14-9

Gallery Credit: Dave Fields

Bills GM Brandon Beane Selling Orchard Park New York Home

The Bills GM is selling the home where he slept the night after drafting Josh Allen.

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Former Buffalo Bills Fan Favorite Selling New York Home

It looks like former linebacker and defensive stud Jerry Hughes is also selling his Western New York. His wife posted on her Twitter that their East Aurora home is now up for sale. It is listed on Zillow for just under $1.5 million dollars.  

Gallery Credit: Dave fields

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