Anytime you are driving along the highways and roads of Western New York, you need to always have your head on a swivel.

Last night as I was driving down the 190 southbound just past the exit to the 198, I saw something that I have never seen before laying in the middle of the left lane.

It was the complete bed of an older truck. Yep, a dull red bed of a pickup truck just sitting right there in the left lane.

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Now if the weather wasn't lightly snowing, and if it was daytime not 10 pm at night, I probably would have seen the truck bed before I ran right into it at 55 miles per hour.

Thank goodness I was driving my Jeep Wrangler that has a skid plate and is lifted a bit so when I rammed into the old truck bed, my jeep went right over it so it didn't cause a lot of damage. It just left some dents and dings in my front bumper.

I am so glad a smaller vehicle didn't come down the 190 and slam into the truck bed.

So you might be wondering, how does a truck bed end up in the middle of a highway in Western New York? I have no idea. I imagine that if you are driving a truck and the bed falls off when you are on the 190, you would notice and stop to pick it up.

My guess is that the old truck bed was in the back of a big recycling truck, the truck hit a bump or pothole and the bed fell off and onto the highway.

The good news is that my son Avry, who just passed his road test, was in the Jeep with me and I used the "accident" as a teaching tool on what to do if you are involved in an accident while driving.

I will also say that Buffalo lived up to its nickname "The City of Good Neighbors" as several people pulled to the side of the road to ask if I was ok or needed help. Also, the New York State Troopers that responded to my 911 call were amazing.

Like I said, both my son and I were not hurt and I used the incident as a teaching moment with my son.

As for you, just make sure you are always on alert when driving around Western New York.

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