Growing up here in Western New York you learn a few things that are a must.

I grew up in West Seneca and spent most of my adult life living in the 716 and I know there are some unwritten rules that make someone a Buffalonian.

Things like:

If someone says "Go Bills" to you, you have to say it back. It doesn't matter where you30 are.

We call it pop, not soda. When  I lived in the South I would always have to repeat myself when I ordered a drink. The first time I would say Pop and the waitress would just give me a blank stare and then I would order whatever flavor I wanted like Pepsi or Coke.

We dip our wings in Blue Cheese. This is a big deal since most of the country uses ranch dressing for their wings. Not here in the 716. Whether you love flats or drumsticks you know you will be dunking them in chunky blue cheese.

So when I saw this photo, I gasped out loud. I am not sure if this was taken at a bar here in Western New York, but if you saw someone like this you would stop in your tracks.

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Check out this photo that was posted on Facebook.


Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

What would you do if you saw this Bar Bill or Duffs?

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