If you have been waiting for summer-like weather, the wait is almost over.

It looks like a major warm-up is coming up to New York later this week.

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According to Accuweather, we will see a jump of almost 20 degrees from today until Thursday.

In Buffalo, we will see a high of around 72 today and on Thursday we could be pushing around 90 for a high temperature. With that warmup, there will also be a chance of some severe weather with the warm front coming across the state.

Rain and thunderstorms are expected are come along with the warm-up on Wednesday and then should be out of the way by Thursday and Friday.

It looks like the warm weather won't stay with us long. Another cold front is expected to sweep across the region heading into the weekend and we will see the high-temperature drop again.

The expected highs heading into the weekend will be back down to in the low 70s which is well below the average highs for this time of year.

According to the extended forecast from Accuweather, it looks like we won't see high temperatures above 80 until the Fourth of July weekend.

Here is what to expect across the State this weekend.

In Rochester, the warmup will see the temps rise to the mid-80s on Thursday and then a drop off into the 70s heading into the weekend.

In Syracuse, the temperatures will hit around 88 on Thursday before dipping to the upper 60s over the weekend.

Albany will see the same fate as the high temperature on Wednesday and Thursday will be in the upper 80s before dropping into the 70s over the weekend.

In New York City, the high temperature will drop from 88 on Thursday to 70 on Saturday.


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