30 oz. burgerCBig "Elm" Burger ChallengeElma Town GrilleElma, NYincludes 3 lb. fries
pizza sandwichCPizzasaurus RexSay Cheese PizzaGrand Island, NY1/2 medium pizza topped w/ 1 lb. steak, includes 1 lb. fries
1.5 lb. burgerCWall of Fame Burger ChallengeThe Rockpile Pub & GrilleHamburg, NYincludes full order of fries, a 23-ounce milkshake and Cookie Gilchrist ice cream sandwich
20 oz. burgerCHometown HogHometown WingsJamestown, NYtwo 10-ounce hamburger patties, pulled pork, 5 slices of cheese, 5 ham slices, lettuce, tomato, onion, french fries & cole slaw
29 inch pizzaCMagnum 44 ChallengeChick-N-Pizza WorksBuffalo, NYfor 2 person teams, pizza cut in to 44 slices

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