What's the strangest combination of foods that you've ever put together and thought...hmm...that's not too bad?  I'm not so sure about this one...

When we were kids we always got picked on because we made peanut butter and miracle whip sandwiches.  Looking back, I have to agree, it sounds disgusting.  But if I'm being honest, it wasn't too bad.  We didn't even think they were strange until we would offer it to our friends that came to stay for the weekend.

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But if you think that's gross, you should see the craziness that covid has brought out in people. Evidently Hot Dog Rice Krispy treats are a thing now. Yup...just like it sounds. Rice Krispy treats with hotdogs in them...then ketchup, mustard, and relish on them.

I couldn't believe that was a thing either. I mean, I know we've been baking and cooking a lot more these days and we've tried out more combinations than ever, but where does this thought process come from?  Who says, "I'm going to put some hot dogs in those delicious dessert treats!"

The Vulgar Chef does evidently.  They are the ones that are credited with coming up with this monstrosity.  Be prepared, the name fits the persona.  The language on this site is meant for adults.

"I’m not actually sure if summer has a flavor but if it did hot dog Rice Krispies treat would sure the f&#$ be it." - The Vulgar Chef

So, to be clear, this is the level of crazy that we are at in the pandemic.  Is anybody brave enough to try it out for themselves?


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