What a way to kick off September!  Val and I rode Darien Lake's Giant Wheel for our entire show and took in all of the sites the theme park has to offer.  Our ride started off a little rocky, but once the nerves settled it was smooth sailing.


Admittedly I was a little freaked every time we would stop at the top of the ride.  The wind would gust a little and the car would rock, and that would send me into a panic attack.  Val on the other hand had her feet up and was relaxed the whole ride.  Even her 7 year old Andy wasn't fazed by the height.


Anyway, we had fun and now we can check 4 hours on a Ferris Wheel off of the list!  A big thank you to Darien Lake for allowing us to do this, and to Mary Best for taking care of us!  Next time we will go with my first choice - The Antique Cars!!!

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