Oh, those state tests. I am a former teacher and I know how much of a headache this can be. Here are the districts affected by this computer glitch:



Your child gets enough rest the night before these big tests, wakes up and takes in a yummy breakfast. They are ready to take the NYS test.

Of course, most students do their absolute best but there are always flaws in the system. With this computer glitch, it was hard to download the tests. Can you imagine these students that would obviously have a bit of anxiety and not able to take the test due to a computer glitch? Unreal.

The districts affected are Depew and Lakeshore.

They are back up and running but had some issues with the server. What are your thoughts on the NYS tests? I have always been in the middle. It is nice to know where students stand compared to other districts, but there are so many flaws in the system.

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