Are jello shots illegal? Can you even have an 'open bar' in New York State? There are actually a lot of common New York State Liquor Authority Laws that some bars and restaurants break and they don't even know it.

The laws can be SUPER CONFUSING and bar owners really have to make sure they word things properly. There are so many laws, but there are so many common ones that get broken, more often than you would think. Take a look at those below.

I used to do some work with the Liquor Authority and I will tell you right now, they do not mess around at all. If you own a bar or a restaurant you know this. They will continually operate stings in Western New York at bars to check for violations, especially underage drinking. The Liquor Authority will sometimes be already set up in the bar well before the sting happens checking out the place. Why do some bars get targeted and not others? The New York State Liquor Authority makes sure that each establishment that is selling alcohol is a safe and reputable environment. If there receive a lot of complaints about things like underage drinking or fights at the bar that would be cause for them to go check out what is going on at that specific establishment. What are the New York State Liquor Laws? Check out some of the more common ones that are broken below!

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Most Commonly Broke New York State Liquor Laws

Can you have an open bar in New York State? Are jello shots illegal at the bar? Can you play cards at a bar in New York State?

Gallery Credit: Rob Banks

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