You read that correct! A recent study found that one hour worth of cleaning per week makes you 53% happier.


Spring is finally here in WNY (even though it may not feel that way) and it is time to start your Spring cleaning routine. In a recent study, cleaning just one hour per week makes you feel 53% happier. The majority of people say they feel better and much more relaxed when their home is clean. On average, 72% of people say they even sleep better when their home is clean. When it comes to your kids, the study found that 49% of students actually behaved better. Only 49 percent? So, there is almost a 50/50 chance that your child can be a better behaved? The study did reveal that 60 percent of students actually was able to study better too. Why not get your Spring cleaning started early? By organizing your living space you will feel happier, have better behaved kids who will study more and all will sleep better too! That is a win/win for all people involved! Sign me up!

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