Last weekend Governor Andrew Cuomo said certain low-risk youth sports could start up on July 6th, as long as a region was at least in Phase Three of the reopening.

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There was confusion locally as to whether that applied to practices as well.

WIVB reports on the Town of Clarence’s website, they said baseball and soccer fields, as well as basketball courts, were now open for practices.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Clarence Town Supervisor told Channel 4 the state informed them even practices for those low-risk youth sports were not allowed until July 6th.

Casilio said it was a misunderstanding of the state guidance, and the town will now be closing down their baseball, soccer, and basketball facilities.

At the Rath Building today, Erie County Health Commissioner Gale Burstein addressed any confusion some local municipalities may have.

“We just want to remind locales that schools and municipal fields could be in violation of their insurance if they allow teams to practice in violation of state orders. So that just better be careful,” Dr. Burstein said.

The low-risk youth sports this rule applies to are baseball, softball, crew, cross country, gymnastics, and field hockey.

Now comes the hard part...the disappointment your kids will experience when hearing the news.


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