What a good idea!

The City of Buffalo is sick of looking at slumlord houses where homes look run down, broken and living conditions that are less-than-standard. How can you fix something if they're not technically breaking the law? Landlord shaming.

It's bad because some people go back there and dump (garbage) and go back there to get high. God knows what else they are doing back there," said Noland Young, pointing to the backyard of 23 Southampton. Young has lived on the block since 1994.

Both houses are among the candidates for Operation Slumlord – a rogues gallery of the 10 most dilapidated properties in the Ellicott District as selected by neighbors. In its third year, Operation Slumlord utilizes the city's slumlord shaming campaign in which signs are installed in front of the properties targeted. Each sign will include the owner's name and mailing address so that neighbors know who is directly accountable", according to the Buffalo News.

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