As the temps drop it is easy to just stay inside snug and warm.  But, here is something that might get you out of the house.  What about walking in a Christmas tree forest?

Trees wrapped in LED lights for Christmas
Getty Images/iStockphoto

It exists right here in Hamburg.  It's the Hamburg Fairgrounds Festival of Lights.

The Fairgrounds says,

While there are certainly plenty of activities and events that make up the Festival of Lights in Hamburg, there's nothing quite like going for a walk through the town's enchanting Christmas Tree Forest. A short little trail that's great for the entire family to walk along, as you enter the forest you'll quickly begin to feel as though you're in one of the holiday movies that you grew up watching.

The event runs from November 29th through December 23rd

To find out more about the Fairgrounds Festival of Lights and the Christmas Tree Forest, click here.

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