Christina Aguilera has been dealing with plenty of image problems lately, with nearly every story about her reporting that she is difficult to get along with. ‘The Voice‘ contestant Tony Lucca acknowledged drama with his former Mouseketeer mate, as Xtina was overly critical of Lucca, who came in third overall. However, the singer apologized to Lucca at the end of last night’s show, which was the season finale.

Lucca told Us Weekly that Aguilera “just wanted to clear the air a bit” and that she apologized over the fact “that this became much more of a dramatic thing than she ever intended it.” Lucca admitted he told Xtina “I hope that we can be cool moving forward. I take pride in the fact that my whole career has been a career of integrity, and sound relationships.”

Lucca was not deterred by Aguilera’s harsh criticism of his work, saying that her words have “inspired me and led me to a higher plane than I might not have found otherwise.” He continued, “I’ve tried to turn that all into positive and use it for creative inspiration but I don’t know… maybe this is America’s way of saying that they don’t want to reward this sort of petty back-and-forth kind of thing.”

We hope that Aguilera and Lucca have buried the hatchet from their Mouseketeer past. She certainly doesn’t need any more media flack for being not nice. We’re glad she was the bigger person and said sorry.

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