The Powerball jackpot has been awarded to one winner, but that doesn't mean some other folks don't get a taste.  A few people had some of the numbers right and will be taking home some serious money.


One person in particular is a Cheektowaga resident who is now $1 Million richer.  They had all of the numbers right except the Powerball number.  The ticket was sold at Kwik Fill on the corner of Harlem and Cleveland in Cheektowaga.


'Boss Bob' bought Val and I each a Powerball ticket because he is a swell guy.  I also think he might have just been trying to get rid of us because if we won we would quit our jobs.  He is a smart man!


Here's where it get's interesting.  Val is from Cheektowaga and a current resident of. 'Boss Bob' bought our tickets in Cheektowaga, and there's nothing saying that Val didn't buy more.  Val and I had a pact saying that if one of us won we both won.  Although that was meant for the big jackpot it still trickles down to Million Dollar pots as well.


Val never showed me her numbers, and avoided all Powerball talk at work on Thursday and Friday.  Very suspicious, and seems like the acts of someone trying to hide her winnings from her work husband!  We all know that is the highest form of work treason!!

Val & Tony

I am going to continue to monitor her for the next few days, but if any of you see anything suspicious please let me know.  If you see something say something!  No man should be left behind in this, especially me.

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