The Cheektowaga Police posted a warning to residents on social media about a scam in which men are posing as utility workers to gain entry to homes.

From the Cheektowaga Police's Facebook page:

Cheektowaga Police are warning residents that they have received several reports of men going into residents’ homes posing as utility workers. At least two incidents occurred today, in the early afternoon. In one case a young white male approached an elderly woman on Gary Lane and said that he worked for the electric company and had to go into the home to change a power line. The male was allowed into the house. The elderly female asked him for identification but could not produce any and then left in a white pic up truck.
A short time later 2 white males approached a resident on Wallace Ave and said that they were from New York State and needed to check out a voltage box inside the home. They then left in a black pick-up truck.
It doesn’t appear that anything was taken in either case. Police remind all residents that they should not let any anyone into their home unless they know exactly who they are and what they are doing there.



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