Gas prices continue to drop across New York State, but there is one town where you can fill up your tank for much less than anywhere else in the state.

According to AAA, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas in New York State is $3.79. That is down from $3.92 last month but in this one town, you can save almost $1 per gallon.

That town is Irving, New York. Home of the Seneca Nation of Indians, Irving has some of the lowest gas prices in the entire country. Right now you can get a gallon of regular unleaded gas for $2.87.

Here is a look at the cheapest gas prices in Irving, New York according to the website

You can get gas for $2.87 per gallon at these stations:

Signals in Irving (11024 Southwestern Blvd)

Catt-Rez Enterprises Inc. in Irving (10910 Erie Rd)

Native Pride Too in Irving (11403 Erie Rd)

Big Indian Smoke Shop in Irving (597 Milestrip Rd)

Doogie's in Irving (11187 Southwestern Blvd)

Heron's Landing in Irving (11186 Southwestern Blvd)

Heron's Landing in Irving (11186 Southwestern Blvd)

You can also find gas for $2.89 per gallon at these stations.

Native Pride in Irving (11359 US-20)

Seneca Hawk in Irving (11979 Southwestern Blvd)

Seneca One Stop in Irving (11150 Southwestern Blvd)

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So it might be worth it for you to make that trip to Irving to save almost $1 per gallon. I went there yesterday to fill up my Jeep and I put in 15 gallons, so that saved me almost $14.

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