Gas prices across New York State were slightly down this past weekend compared to last month, but there are some places where you can get some major savings when you are filling up.

There are places in New York where you can get a gallon of regular unleaded gas for under $3.

Many places on Native American territory in New York are offering gas for under $3 per gallon, while the average price for a gallon of gas elsewhere is around $3.84.

According to the website, here is where you can get gas for under $3 per gallon.

Wolf's Run in Irving (12795 Four Mile Level Rd) - $2.97

Big Indian Smoke Shop in Irving (597 Milestrip Rd) - $2.97

Heron's Landing in Irving (11186 Southwestern Blvd) - $2.97

Signals in Irving (11024 Southwestern Blvd) - $2.97

Seneca Hawk in Irving (11979 Southwestern Blvd) - $2.99

Seneca One Stop in Irving (11150 Southwestern Blvd) - $2.99

Fastrac in Rochester (375 W Ridge Rd) - $2.99

Native Pride Too in Irving (11403 Erie Rd) - $2.99

The average price of gas across New York State is down about 4 cents per gallon compared to last year according to AAA.

At $3.84 per gallon, New York State's gas prices are around 20 cents more expensive than the national average of $3.68.

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So making a trip to fill up at one of the above locations could end up saving you some serious cash. If you fill up 10 gallons, you would be saving around $8.70 if you went to a place like Wolf's Run or Signals compared to stopping to fill up at a gas station operated on New York land.

To see the latest gas prices across New York State click HERE.

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