Cheap beer - it's how some of us made it through college and how some of us make it through a terrible day at work.  There's a lot of it, but what is WNY's favorite?

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Not everyone likes fancy beer.

There, I said it.  Some people just like to be able to sit down and drink a couple of beers and not worry about what "notes" they're getting or how it was brewed.  They want to sit down and crack open a can and chill out a bit.

These beers aren't going to impress anyone...but you sure will be able to fill your fridge with it.  You know you're buying economically when you're buying beer in a 30 rack.

This list is for the person that likes quantity over quality (although if it's your favorite cheap beer, it could be quality too!).  I've always said that my absolute favorite beer is a free one, so the cheaper the better for me.  I do like some of the fancier stuff too, but I've never been a snob about it.  Having a beer can sometimes be more about the experience that you're having than just the beer on its own.  It's the people that you're with or the places that you're visiting.

Yesterday I asked you on Facebook what your favorite beer was and the winner was pretty clear cut.  Here in Western New York, cheap beer drinkers love their Buuuuuuuuussssssccccccchhhhhhhhhhhh. (That's Busch Light or Busch Latte to be precise).

It was a little surprising to see how things have changed over time though.  When I was in college, Labatt Blue was the thing or Blue Lights.  While we did get a couple of responses that Labatt was their favorite, there wasn't an overwhelming number of them like I would have expected.  Maybe they don't look at it as cheap beer?  The old standards of Genny, and Bud Light made the list too.  Here's the list of what people responded to for their favorite cheap beers.

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