This week you should be ready to ask this question a lot.

"Can You Hear Me? Are You Still There?"

A solar flare that emanated from the sun this weekend is headed to Earth and when it makes an impact on our astrosphere it could end up causing some issues with cellphone reception.

The solar flare could also impact your radio's ability to pick up this station's signal. Of course, you won't have any problem listening to all your favorite songs using our station App.

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The plus side of the solar flare is that the ions will also enhance the Northern Lights leading to many people who usually don't have a chance of seeing there where they live an opportunity to see them. The southern part of the Northern Lights could be possible across New York State this week.


Solar Flares impacting the Earth's astrosphere are not uncommon. Usually, it happens every 27 days or so, but this one that is coming out way is stronger than the average flare which is why we could have some issues.

The last time a major solar flare impacted the Earth was back on April 19th. Earth was hit by two of them around 10 pm and 11:30 pm.


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