Many people across New York State are looking at enrolling in college in the Fall of 2023 but there will be one college that will have to be removed from the list.

My son Avry is a senior in High School and he is deep in the process of applying to different colleges that he is interested in. Many schools have waived application fees, are guaranteeing more merit scholarship money, and even offering free housing to get students on campus.

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The COVID-19 pandemic along with more kids skipping college, many New York colleges are hurting to fill their dorms and classrooms with students.

For one private college in New York, it was too much to overcome and they sent a sad letter to my son the other day.

Here is the response my son got from Cazenovia College after he submitted his application.

It is with great sadness that I inform you that Cazenovia College will cease academic operations by the end of summer, 2023. The College will conduct business as usual for current students in the Spring 2023 semester.  However, we will not enroll a new class to enter in Fall, 2023.

In the letter to my son, the college stated that the impact of COVID-19 had on the student body along with more students taking time off or skipping college altogether, the college couldn't stay open financially.

Cazenovia College first opened in 1824 and had several changes over the almost 200 years that it has been open. From an enrollment of just 11 people when it first opened to becoming co-ed in 1983, Cazenovia College will leave behind a long list of accomplishes and alumni.

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