I recently saw a post on Twitter of a Woolly Bear Caterpillar and it looks like it will be a cold winter.

According to the Farmer's Alamac. Woolly Bear Caterpillars can be used to predict how mild or harsh a winter will be.

  • In the fall of 1948, Dr. C. H. Curran, curator of insects at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, took his wife 40 miles north of the city to Bear Mountain State Park to look at woolly bear caterpillars.
  • Dr. Curran collected as many caterpillars as he could in a day, determined the average number of reddish-brown segments, and forecast the coming winter weather through a reporter friend at The New York Herald Tribune.
  • Dr. Curran’s experiment, which he continued over the next eight years, attempted to prove scientifically a weather rule of thumb that was as old as the hills around Bear Mountain. The resulting publicity made the woolly worm the most recognizable caterpillar in North America.

I saw this picture on Twitter and it looks like there is more black than rust color which would mean a cold winter!


Let's hope this is just an old wives tale and Winter won't be so bad in Buffalo!

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