Do you know what " Cat Calling" is first? Our Producer, Rob Banks does not!


Cat calling is that annoying whistle sound that men usually make at women. I was "cat called" on Sunday while driving in my car.

I'm driving a rental car with West Virginia plates. I have my windows rolled down because it is the perfect weather for it. I stop at a red light and driving up next to me is a huge, boat like, old school, Cadillac. The driver looked like he could be my grandpa. He had the big thick glasses and white hair. He had very bushy eyebrows too.

He "cat calls" me and gives a kissy face. On top of that, he had really bushy eyebrows that he raised up and down. I looked over at him laughing hysterically. Now, if he were someone my age, I don't think I would have laughed at this. What do you think? You can cast your vote below.


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