You head to a café to get that cup of coffee and maybe that oversized muffin.  But, you don't quite expect a cat to rub up against your calf, while you order.

Well at the Purrfect Cafe & Gallery which open last August, with your cup of coffee, comes some cats, and we mean cats. According to the cafes website, the owner Jessica Brandon,

"Was first inspired after visiting "Cat in the Window Cafe" located in Aberdeen, Scotland. From there, Brandon brought the idea back to home sweet Buffalo and Purrfect Cafe was born!

When you walk in expect up to 6-12 cats.  4 resident cats and then several cats on loan from local rescue and non-profit organization.

What a fun idea if you are a coffee and cat lover.  My daughter Jacqueline has been there several times even though she has a cat at home ;-)

One extra benefit is loads of research says  that petting a cat can reduce stress.  Here at The Breeze we are all about that, so pet away.  Here is some of the science behind the petting theory. ;-)

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