If your "check engine" lights comes on, what do you do? Take it straight to the shop, or ignore it for a while and hope it turns off?

A new survey found 1 in 7 drivers are currently driving around in a car that potentially has a serious issue. A quarter of the people who's check engine light comes on wait a month before doing anything about it.

I usually turn off my car and make sure my gas cap is tight. Then restart it (kind of like re-booting your computer), and if that doesn't work I phone a friend.

Here are the most common car issues that we're probably ignoring:

1.  The "check engine" light is on.

2.  A rattling sound.

3.  Brakes that squeak or grind.

4.  A cracked windshield.

The survey also found 28% of us have talked to our car while driving it . . . 32% have thanked it for getting us somewhere in one piece . . . and 19% of us drive around with a lucky charm in our car.

(NY Post)

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