You can't afford a vacation, but all your friends seem to be doing it.  Your chances of winning the lottery are slim, but what are you going to tell your Instagram followers?

A photo-editing service in Nebraska appears to have a low-cost solution. The service is called Fake A Vacation...

...Users send in snapshots to have them superimposed onto fake backgrounds. Options include a sandy beach in Maui, the rushing waters of Niagara Falls, even the Grand Canyon at sunset.

Packages start at under $20, and are processed in about 3 business days.

Fake A Vacation staff will suggest attire to wear in the pictures, which are then superimposed onto other backgrounds

There ARE other reasons than just cost to Fake A Vacation...

“They fake it … sometimes because the actual vacation is too expensive, so they plan this way or sometimes they do it to get others envious,” says Tom Eda, who leads marketing and support for Fake A Vacation, adding that others have purchased faux vacation pics because they had to cancel their trip last-minute.

(New York Post)

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