The legal, adult-use cannabis industry is growing in New York. The first farms have begun to grow marijuana and soon dispensaries will open. If you have ever thought about working in the new marijuana industry, there is a career fair coming up.

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There Are Many Career Opportunities In The Cannabis Industry In New York

The 'Catch A Cont@ct' career summit will allow job seekers to connect with cannabis businesses. The event is free and open to the public.

This event is supported by the NYS Department of Labor, who is looking to position this industry for success by offering tools and support to make hiring and retaining employees easier.

New York State Is Predicted To Generate Up To $245 Million Annually From Cannabis

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The industry is expected to generate up to 60,000 jobs. Just like any other industry, there will be a variety of positions available once the industry fully ramps up. Some businesses may be looking for employees now, as the foundation of the legal, adult-use industry is being built.

The 'Catch A Cont@ct' career summit is also accepting businesses to participate, who are looking to hire people to work in the marijuana industry. Both employers and job-seekers can apply here.

The New York State Catch A Cont@ct' career summit will be held:

Saturday, July 16, 2022
9 am to 6 pm
Hyatt Regency Rochester
125 E Main St, Rochester, NY 14604

According to the New York State Comptroller's budget, the tax on cannabis will generate the following revenue each year:

SFY 2021-22 - 20 million
SFY 2022-23 - 115 million
SFY 2023-24 - 158 million
SFY 2024-25 - 245 million

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