Healthcare workers are the true heroes in this pandemic, their long hours and hard work oftentimes overlooked.

Local organizations, in this season of giving, are recognizing those in the community who give the most.

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NEWS 4 (WIVB-TV) tells us this year’s Christmas tree at Canalside is all about honoring these local heroes that spend day in and day out away from their families, putting their lives at risk to protect us.

This year's Canalside Christmas tree is decorated with white ribbons, dedicated to individuals and organizations serving on the frontline.

Stephanie Mcgown,  a registered nurse in the COVID unit at Buffalo General lit the tree.

Stephanie was quick to recognize those she works with...

I was honored to be chosen to play this role. You know I work with a lot of hard-working nurses and I know that we take this very seriously. So it was nice to be able to be recognized for it. And I’m just honored

The Buffalo Store sold the white ribbons decorating the tree to benefit the Western New York Hospital Relief Fund.

100% of the proceeds going to Catholic Health, Kaleida Health, Oishei Children’s Hospital as well as ECMC.

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