Now that it is official and Canada is open, Western New Yorkers will be looking to cross over the border very soon.

So where is the first place you should go? If it was up to me there is only one place to go.

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This is the place that we used to go to when I was growing up. It is the perfect place for families, date nights, and for anyone that is really hungry.

That would be the place that no longer has any locations here in Western New York and only a couple of places in Canada. That place would be the one and only Swiss Chalet.

That's right. As I was growing up in West Seneca, I remember heading to the Swiss Chalet on the corner of Transit and French road with my family each and every weekend. We would love to get the half chicken and half rib combo. For me, the best part was the little bowl of warm lemon water at the end of the meal. We would love to dip our fingers in there to get all nice and clean.

Now that the border is open for Western New Yorkers, this should be the first stop before you head up to Toronto or enjoy all that Lundy's Lane has to offer.

If you plan on heading over the border, where is the first place you will be heading to?

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