Now that we have got through Thanksgiving and are past Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday the onslaught of holiday commercials on TV is in high gear.

This is an open letter to anyone and everyone who is associated with creating television commercials for the holiday season that focus on selling vehicles.

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Please stop with the whole "surprise your spouse with a new vehicle" narrative.

This might be the biggest lie that people are told during the holiday season. As someone who has been married for over 20 years, I can tell you that if I spend thousands of dollars on a new car without telling my wife, I would be living in that car.

No way would a real-life spouse act like this when their spouse spends thousands of dollars without telling them.


To be honest, a couple of years ago Saturday Night Live spoofed these ads, but while they were trying to be funny it turned out that this is how most people would react.

So please if anyone who works in the adverting world or owns a car dealership stop the madness.

Unless you are a millionaire or billionaire the chances of you making a major purchase without your spouse's knowledge are slim.

If you want to make a true commercial for cars during the Christmas season, make one about how your vehicle can take your family, food, presents, and everything else you have to take to Aunt Judy's house for Christmas Eve dinner without driving you crazy.

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