Most of us didn't go to private school, so this wasn't a concern.  But how would you feel about a dress code?   


Some students at Nardin Academy are NOT pleased.

WIVB is following the story,

"Posted on by Victoria Keane, the petition opens with this statement"

“We the students of Nardin Academy are uniting our voices to communicate our disappointment in, and opposition to, the arbitrary and draconian changes proposed to the Nardin high school dress code, in particular the new skirt-length.”

The petition goes on to add that the new dress code insists that skirts be knee-high, or longer.

Another point being made is the cost and statements of sexism,

“Due to said budgetary concerns, girls will most likely buy the cheaper sweatshirts which, frankly, look sloppy,” the petition says. Besides the cost and appearance of the skirts, students also voiced complaints of sexism...It restricts our physical movement, our freedom, and our sense of independence,” the petition says.

To read the entire petition, click here.


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