Buffalo's Limbo Queen performed for a very-impressed Usher at his birthday party. Shemika Charles, a 3-time Guinness World Record Holder, had Usher's undivided attention while performing at his birthday party in Las Vegas. Shemika, who is from Buffalo, now lives in Las Vegas, where she performs her impressive limbo skills.

Fun fact: Shemika Charles Day was announced on October 8, 2010, in honor of her first Guinness World Record.


In the first part of the video, Shemika limbos under a bar that's not really all that low. But that's no shade because she is also balancing three plates on skinny sticks, including one in her mouth! I could never balance one plate on a stick while standing still, nevertheless limboing under a bar. Then, the video shows her holding a drink on a serving platter in each hand while limboing under a bar that is only as high as two Remy bottles.

Shemika is no stranger to doing very unique limbo challenges. In the video below, you can see her limbo under a whole entire car and even seats at the airport.

Six years ago, I had Shemika on my show Buffalo Alive. She showed my non-flexible butt how to limbo. Surprisingly, my wig did not fall off lol.

Shemika has represented limbo on America's Got Talent television show. She was featured on season 6 of America's Got Talent and was eliminated in the Vegas Round. She was back on the show for Season 12 and was eliminated in the Judge Cuts. Then, five years later she was featured on America's Got Talent: Extreme under her married name, Shemika Campbell.

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