Luna at home in the Arctic Edge exhibit at the Buffalo Zoo
Luna at home in the Arctic Edge exhibit at the Buffalo Zoo

Luna has a new roommate (and possibly a new boyfriend) as four year-old Sakari makes the new Arctic Edge exhibit his new home.

Sakari comes from Madison, Wisconsin, and Zoo officials hope that one day they will be able to successfully mate him with Luna, and the Buffalo Zoo will be home one day to some polar bear cubs!

Sakari is on view now at the Zoo. Luna's mother, Anana, will be leaving the zoo. The Zoo did not give a statement about where she will go, but mentioned in a written statement how important she has been to the conservation of the polar bear species.

Luna was born at the zoo in November 2012. Sakari won't be her first roommate --- zoo visitors will remember Kali, Luna's first playmate. Kali was a rescued cub from Alaska who spent the first two and a half years with Luna at the Buffalo Zoo. Kali now resides at the St. Louis Zoo, where a video of him playing with a visitor recently went viral.

If you visit the Zoo to meet Sakari, be sure to check out the adorable red panda and Arctic foxes, also now on display.

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