As our snow season seems to be past us, it appears according to WGRZ that "Buffalo is set to win the Golden Snowball Award this season."


So, what does this mean?  No, you don't get an award for helping your neighbor get his car out of that snow ditch.  And, no you don't get an award for scraping off your car windows against the snow elements, day after day.

The Golden Snowball Award is basically bragging rights.  It seems, says WGRZ,

In the yearly snowfall competition between Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester, Buffalo has not "won" in 17 years, or the same length of time as the past Buffalo Bills playoff drought.  But this year, Buffalo will go down as the snowiest city with a population over 100,000 people in the entire country.

So you didn't just imagine it, this was a tough winter.  You made it through-give yourself a pat on the back.   Summer is coming!

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