Big dog lovers are going to love this! If you tether your dog, there may be a new law that you're going to need to know....unless you want to go to jail and $1000 fine.

The Buffalo Common Council and the Erie County SPCA are reviewing legislation on Tuesday that says you will be punished by law if you tether your dog up outside and leave it in extreme heat or cold.

We see it as an educational opportunity again just to really put themselves in the shoes of their dogs -- if it's too cold for you to be outside, even if you have a Siberian Husky  or Saint Bernard, make sure they at least have somewhere to escape the weather," said Gary Willoughby, President of the SPCA serving Erie County.


The proposed ordinance also requires owners to use tethers that are 5 feet in length. Choke collars used to restrain a dog are not allowed. Hunting and working dogs are excluded from the ordinance", according to WIVB.


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